Scripting Experiences

  • Player/NPC movement and interactions
  • Collision and trigger detection
  • Game and scene management
  • Persistent/static game data for items and events
  • Timekeeping systems, best time playthrough
  • Setting situational animations
  • Editor Experiences

  • Working with 2D tile maps and using sprite atlas.
  • Level design and playability adjustment
  • Scene Management and alternative scenes
  • Sprite implementation, setup, and animation
  • Sound implementation and spatial application
  • Screenspace overlay and world space UI systems
  • Overview

    Rob Robotson runs the largest factory in Robotropolis, and both Roboy and Prize work at this factory. Prize is the Robot Resources Representative and Roboy works in maintenance, but they are deeply in love. Out of Jealousy, Rob Robotson tricks Roboy and throws him out to the junkyard to rust and kidnaps Prize for himself… removing pieces of her memory chips to make her his own personal assistant. Roboy wakes up in the junkyard and prepares to make his way to the top of the factory to confront Rob Robotson and save Prize.


  • Web GL
  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS
  • Tools Used

  • Unity Engine
  • C# / Visual Studio
  • Aesprite / Ableton Live
  • Roboy Features & Design

    Roboy is more complex than it first comes off. It seems cute and basic, but I was able to implement some of my favorite gameplay mechanics into this mini-game.

    Roboy is designed so that the environment is difficult to navigate. Not to harm any robots. NO ROBOTS WERE HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF ROBOY!

    There are four persistent upgrades Roboy can get to help him navigate the demanding world of Robotson Labs.

    To keep with the Metroidvania vibes, Roboy tends to circle back on himself once he unlocks certain pathways.

    Roboy should be enjoyed quickly. Like really quickly. The original idea was to make a game that feels like a speed running game. That is why we keep track of your best times throughout the play-throughs.

    New Game+ & Second End Screen

    Your upgrades will carry over into new playthroughs (Same session) and you can try and get more items and scrap. This will help you find everything. If you collect all upgrades and scrap you will get the super-secret special end screen.

    With over 50 pieces of scrap and 4 total upgrades to find, this mini-game can keep you busy for a little longer than originally seems.

    There are some unique mechanics available to Roboy through his ability to place his spawn point anywhere he wants. This can help Get you to places out of reach a bit quicker, helping your overall time.

    We want people to play through a few times if not many. The more you play the better and faster you get through the world. Currently, there are three main areas, but we plan on making a lot more and expanding the level design significantly.