Roboy is my first true self crafted game. No tutorials, all blood sweat and tears. And probably more tears than anything else. Roboy has been a great learning experience, even if it is taking way longer than I expected to make. The art and sound is all pretty basic as this is more of a journey in coding for me. Click on 'Development' to see what features and skills went into making Roboy.

Food Binja

Food Binja is a game I made while working through the Unity Learn program material. This one was total blast to make as I love hyper-casual clicker games. Try and eat all the food hurling through the air, but stay away from ghosties and bombs. Persistent high score keeping if the game is downloaded and saved to your system. I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed developing it.


Blasteroids is my first game for the GameDevHQ bootcamp coursework. I really enjoy working on this game and I continue to continue development on many more systems. This is currently in alpha and I plan on adding a ton of new features, including a better health system, homing missiles, massive laser pulse, and many other enemy types. Stay tuned to keep up with the project.

Run Mojack Run! - Micro Hyper Casual

RMR is another game prototype I made while going through the Unity Learn platform tutorials. I added some alternative implemntation of how speed works in the game. Now moving on the X axis will slow down or speed up the average scroll speed. I find myself really enjoying this litte micro demo as it is pretty addictive.. I hope you enjoy Run Mojack Run! as much as I enjoyed making it.

Sumo Spheres - Prototype

Sumo Spheres is a project I made using Unity Learn course work. I ended up adding different functionality to the controls as I felt they were too stiff. Instead of using teh arrow keys I implemented the use of a mouse drag to turn the arena. This ended up feeling great and I learned a new technique along the way. I hope you enjoy Sumo Spheres as much as I enjoyed making it.