Sumo Spheres

Scripting Experiences

  • Player/Enemy movement and interactions
  • Collision and trigger detection
  • Mouse drag naviagation
  • Wave based rounds
  • Homing missles
  • Random spawning
  • Editor Experiences

  • 3D navigation and elements
  • Prefabs and spawn management
  • Shader materials and Physics materials
  • Rigidbodies and physics simulation
  • Powerup animations and lighting
  • Screenspace overlay and world space UI systems
  • Overview

    Be the king of the hill, or platform at least. Fight through waves of enemy spheres and occasionally knock off a boss! This game gets harder and harder the further you get. Luckily, more and more power-ups spawn each wave.


  • Web GL
  • Tools Used

  • Unity Engine
  • C# / Visual Studio